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We need to create and use liberal WEDGES

Our conservative party is very splintered, unlike the liberal party.  We need to, as they do, create and use liberal WEDGES against them.  Ideas might include the "unicorn" outlook which states "If you truly believe the current Administration cares about your rights and has your best interest in mind...Go pet your unicorn", we need to identify "Rich White" people to connect their own party members.  These are the kinds of arguments that may resonate with the ones that have hearing and reading abilities.

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Many of us are not able to support the protests and/or events because we work...please consider national or local events on the weekends.  Thank you!

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A lost website

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Amnesty is a Joke!!

As most normal American citizens realize, being an American citizen comes with certain standards. One of those standards is being assigned a social security number. This number is your ID, this is how businesses determine you are who you say you are, this is how you apply for loans, credit cards and more. This is one of the biggest differentiating factors when it comes to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!

On a side note, I did say ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, not "undocumented workers" or whatever other name liberals have given these individuals who are in this country illegally.  Liberals must realize there is a reason these people are referred to as illegal immigrants.. BECAUSE THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY.

My point of this post is that it has been made public that a number of Democrats have devised a scheme in which they can circumvent the traditional background checks in place for all individuals attending the State of the Union address tonight. The document entitled “How to Submit Guest Information for the 
State of the Union Address,” which instructs congressional offices how to submit the information online.

Read more:

What is this country coming to?!?!?!?! Not only are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS scamming nearly every social welfare program available in this country, they are now attending the State of the Union address?

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Please hire a proof reader for your articles.

 Otherwise, the information that you are getting out to the ones who will listen, and don't have their heads buried in the sand, is critical information.  Thanks for trying to wake this nation up!  We published a Christian newspaper over 20 years ago, and wrote about all that is happening now.  People scoffed at us, and told us we were making it all up.  Now, what we printed has either taken place, and is already history, or is taking place now, such as the microchip.  We tried to warn people this was coming, but the luke warm attitude of this nation will bring it to ruin.  Thank you for your endeavor to let the people know the real truth, even if they won't receive it.

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Please "fix what wasn't broke!"

Please fix your website. The "new and improved" website asked for response, then doesn't allow! Please return to the old format. It was much more user friendly!

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Why when signed in

Why when signed in to have sign in again with an another service to comment on a blog?

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Why are local groups no longer listed?

Why are local groups no longer listed as they were on Tea party .com?

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Signed in but can't leave a comment...

Won't accept my comment...says I need to provide an email...already signed in. Not so sure about this new format...

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Allow links

I tried to put this link into a comment and it didn't show.  Dr. Taitz is the lawyer who finally got the Supreme Court to have a conference on Feb.15, to review evidence regarding Obama's forged documents.

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Tea Party Nation

TPN needs to contact all of the other tea party groups and set up an umbrella group to lobby the congress. The tea parties were no where to be seen doing the last election. No wounder obama won.
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Font & spacing flaws

The text is way to small and the spacing too great between para's -- too much scrolling required for easy reading.

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The individual versus Tea Party Nation

In actuality, there is no Republican, Democratic, or tea party nation.

We have a nation of individuals who can join together on individual issues and cause our government to listen to us as a group on an individual issue that we agree on.

I do not support any political party but know that we cannot easily get rid of our two party system. To me a first step would be to try and eliminate party politics in the election of heads of executive branches of government whether local, State, or National.

If parties have a place in the election of our government leaders, I feel that it is better to restrict it to the Legislative branch only. This of course is easier said than done.

In summary, if Tea Party Nation continues to use this title, this should be pointed out in the "About" section of the website! I do not want to be part or creating a third party, but I do want to be a part of getting our Nation back on it's fiscal feet and return it to its reputation as the leader in how to live out human lives in harmony as we were meant to.  

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