Stop Diane Feinstein's assault on the Second Amendment

The killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School had barely happened when the hard left went into full attack mode.  

They have one simple goal: They want to strip your 2nd Amendment rights away from you.    

Diane Feinstein has now introduced her so-called Assault Weapons ban.  This ban does not simply ban the so-called Assault Weapons.  This ban includes shotguns and pistols as well.  

If we do not act now to stop the left, we will see our rights taken from us.

Take a moment to sign our petition to Congress and tell them to keep their hands off your rights!  Share this petition with your friends and ask them to sign it too.

Where as the Second Amendment to the Constitution clearly states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed;

Where as millions of Americas lawfully own firearms;

Where as Americans use firearms lawfully to hunt and sometimes for self defense;

Where as the goal of Diane Feinstein's assault weapons ban bill is not crime prevention or safety, but as she has said, to try up the supply of "these weapons;"

THEREFORE we respectfully ask our elected Representatives to immediately put a halt to this frontal assault on our 2nd Amendment rights, guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

Will you sign?

or Text 2ND to +16157634993 to sign
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