State of the Union: Liberals are the new Nazis

In the last fifty years or so, the left has tried to portray the Nazi Party of Germany’s Third Reich as basically the Republican Party on mild steroids. 


Every Republican President, even the liberal Republicans like Nixon, Ford and Bush, are compared to Hitler.   The left would compare Republicans to Satan but they don’t believe in God.   On second thought they do think Republicans are the spawn of Satan but with the left, logical inconsistencies have never bothered them.


Unfortunately with the left having achieved its goal of political dominance, liberals are looking more and more like Nazis every day.


How could those “tolerant” liberals be so Nazi like?

Liberals love authoritarian governments.   And with authoritarians and liberals, there is one thing in common.  There can be no dissent. 


Disagree with the liberal orthodoxy and liberals will destroy you.  In fact, it is the goal of liberals to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.


At the national level, Barack Obama is trying to destroy the Republican Party.   In Obama’s world, a one party state is a desirable goal.  If he destroys the GOP, he gets his Stalinist wish.


It is not just Obama that wants to destroy all opposition.  The examples of components of the great liberal axis of evil going after conservatives are replete. 


Unless you are a science fiction fan, you have probably never heard of Orson Scott Card.  He is the author of the Ender’s Game science fiction book series.   The Ender’s Game novel is going to be released as a movie later this year starring Harrison Ford. Card was recently tapped to write for DC Comics new series, “The adventures of Superman.”


Card is a best selling sci-fi author who is clearly qualified to write. 


But there is a problem.


Card is a devout Mormon and has been very vocal in his opposition to gay marriage.  Now liberals are demanding that DC Comics drop Card as the writer for the new Superman Comic. 


Liberals loved it when DC Comics announced its comic superhero the Green Lantern would come out as gay, but tolerance is clearly not a two way street.   Because Card dares to disagree with liberal orthodoxy he must be denied the opportunity to earn his living.

Say, doesn’t that sound like the Hollywood blacklist of the 50’s that liberals are always carping about?


The Boy Scouts are another good example of what happens to groups that dare to defy the liberal orthodoxy.  The Boy Scouts, for very good reasons, exclude gays as scoutmasters and volunteers.    For two decades the left has been engaged in a full frontal assault against the Boy Scouts for their position of not allowing homosexual scoutmasters.   The left has pressured private groups not to support the Boy Scouts and pressured government entities not to allow the Boy Scouts to use their property for scouting events.


This is the tyranny of the left.  There is no room for disagreement.  If liberals disagree with the Boy Scouts’ policy they could start their own group.  They could create the gay scouts or the diversity scouts or what ever else they wanted to call it.


But no, liberals do not want to do that.  They want to destroy anyone or anything that dares to offer a contrary opinion.


Tonight Barack Obama will deliver an address to a joint session of Congress.  The address is no longer the State of the Union address.  Instead it will be a Hitlerian screed attacking Republicans, Conservatives, The Tea Party and anyone who dares to disagree with him. 


If the Republicans had any courage, they would walk out en mass to make a statement.  Unfortunately they will not.  Obama will stand in front of Congress and blame the Republicans and Bush for all of his failures.  He will demand that America double down on his failed policies. 


Republicans should blame him for the Great Obama Depression, but they won’t.  They should blame him for all of his failures.  They won’t. 


The left wants to destroy conservatives and the Republicans simply want to go to Washington cocktail parties with liberals.


Real Americans should follow the advice of Nancy Reagan.  “Just say no” to the State of the Union. 


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