Destroying America

As we watch the Democrats and RINO Republicans at work in Washington today, is it possible we are watching our equivalent of the Visigoths coming over the seven hills to sack Rome?  Are we about to see the fall of America?

destruction of america 

Calling this the fall of America is not hyperbole.  It is the reality of life if the Senate Bill 744, the Amnesty bill becomes law. 


The Amnesty Bill is political prostitution on full display.  The bill is one of those massive bills that no one knows what is really in it. The original 824-page bill got into trouble when people began to see what was in it.

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Where is your data

If George Orwell were still alive he might be amused that his novel 1984 remains not only a best seller but if anything underestimated the capability of a “Big Brother” government.

Big brother obama 

The “Big Brother” Obama government is not only watching, but also reading and listening as well. 


Thanks to technology, privacy is almost extinct and corporations with their data mining operations often know more about you than you know about yourself.


There is one logical conclusion from the operations of the National Security Agency under Obama that has not yet been explored. 


What is this conclusion and why hasn’t it been explored?

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When, in the course of human events…

Psychologists call it “saturation.”  It is the point where the mind is so overwhelmed with information it simply cannot absorb anything else, no matter how important.

red state blue state divide 

America is reaching the point of Obama scandal saturation.  The scandals are coming non-stop and they are becoming more dangerous to freedom and liberty in America.  American freedom is now taking its place on the endangered species list.


Is it now time to start thinking about something that was once unthinkable?

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Big brother Barack is watching you!

Conservatives screamed from the beginning that Barack Obama had no regard for civil liberties or the rights of the American people.

Barack Obama is watching you 

We weren’t just proved right.  We are so right it is time to rename Barack Obama, “Big Brother” Obama.


The Obama Regime has managed in an amazing act of chutzpah to simply erase the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.


What have they done?

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Al-Jazeera’s jihad on American Cable TV

Al-Jazeera is about to bring jihad to American cable TV.

 al jazeera jihad on american tv

Al-Jazeera bought Al Gore’s unwatched Current TV earlier this year and plans to convert it to Al-Jazeera America.  That’s right, the alleged news organization that gets much of it’s funding from the Qatar government, is coming to American TV screens.


Isn’t that what you want on your local cable TV outlet?  Al-Jazeera has promised to “Americanize” its US operation.  Isn’t that great?  The favored channel of suicide bombers everywhere is going to be “Americanized.”


Is there a good alternative to not only Al-Jazeera but also the left wing media?  Would you like to block Al-Jazeera in America and help a real American news channel?

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Free Speech in America

Yesterday there were two events that showed the state of liberty in America.  They are both alarming for different reasons.

 The Tea Party fights back

Americans need to wake up.  This is not about politics; it is about the very liberty this nation was founded on.  This is about freedom and one thing we know is that if we lose freedom, those who take it from us will never voluntarily return it.


What happened yesterday? 

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There is no trust to fix

Danny Werfel, the acting Commission of the IRS yesterday told Congress that he would fix trust in the agency.  He has promised they would come in and clean up the IRS.

 IRS gestapo



Haven’t we heard this before?


We are fortunate that the Republicans control the House of Representatives or this scandal would have been swept under the rug as so many others have been in the past.


Where do we take this from here?  What must we insist the conservatives do about the IRS scandal to make sure this really does not happen again?

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Conservatives against education

The left loves to claim that conservatives are anti-education.  It is time we made that claim true.  There is a difference between education and being educated. 


The left loves education and hates the educated. 


The educated are a threat to the left. 


So what must conservatives do to destroy education and beat the left? 

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Why we lose

Why are we losing?


The left is beating us.  There is no doubt about it.  The question is not even debatable.

 Tea Party

The question that must be asked is why are we losing?


More importantly, what do we need to do to win?

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When good groups go bad

 The Boy Scouts of America have announced they are changing their policies.  From now on, openly gay scouts can participate in the Scouting program.


The change does not allow the participation of openly gay scout leaders but many think that it is now only a matter of time before that happens.

Boy scouts


The Boy Scouts are a venerable American institution, which generations of American men have passed through.  Is this a case of a good group gone bad or just a bad idea?

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